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Us, an Open Source Community

Auditório Dorneles Treméa


Language English
Level: Iniciante

After participating in Python, Zope and then working on Plone - I have realized one thing. The momentum and "fun" of any project are the people. The presentation will focus on the evolution of a large open source community. The evolution of the FOSS world comes from intersection of altruism, idealism and pragmatism. As complexity of software increases, can we stick together? Why are Python frameworks not as popular as other languages? Why we do this in the first place

Detalhes sobre o palestrante

Alan RunyanAlan Runyan
Alan Runyan is founder of Enfold Systems and the Plone content management system. Alan has spoken at numerous conferences and consulted with Fortune 100 companies on content management and other technology strategies. Alan’s other titles in life include Art Consumer, Software Producer, Ski Indulger, Dog Trainer and N’awlins Aficionado. He also enjoys fishing and biking.


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